Government: The government must spend money to campaign and create diagnostic centres with the help of private enterprises.

Industry: The government and food industry should make it a point to label every food item showing its nutrient contents so that people can make informed choices. The food industry should make efforts to provide healthy foods (low calorie) and nutrient dense like fortified foods with adequate doses of vitamins and minerals.They should endeavour to make a variety of foods for special cases like diabetics, heart disease etc. Pharmaceutical industry, besides selling the drugs should also make greater efforts to educate the people.

Hospitals: Despite excellent medical facilities for treatment, the preventive and rehabilitation programs are far from satisfactory. Educating people around their localities would be a good beginning.

Family physicians: Family physicians, as friend, philosopher and guide, have an excellent opportunity to detect the disease early and counsel the entire family.

School: Healthy living should be taught in schools. Our homework and exam patters encourage couch potatoes and discourage sporty children.

Family: Parents must encourage their children to consume nutritious food and play outdoor games and sports.

Common Reasons
  • "Couch potato" syndrome with little to no exercise.
  • Working couples – no time to cook and therefore dependence on fast foods.
  • Increase in obesity.
  • Imbalanced diets that are calorie dense and low in vitamins and minerals.
  • Excessive expression of the ‘pig-out’ gene.