Health is a state of physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing of an individual. Healthy living consist of these 4 components of health.

Man is an individual, part and parcel of the nature, by the nature and for the nature, but thinks above the nature.

Natural living is simple and easy living, and life full of health, nutrition and beauty using all natural resources like air, water, vegetables, fruits, etc. It is harmless, unconditional. It improves the lives and lifestyles of all the people throughout the world.

Natural living is harmonious living, however man looks at money in harmony, thus losses harmony in living. Natural living is a social living, since man is a social animal but animal part is more prominent than the social.

Life is a one-way journey from birth to death, governed by rules of nature i.e. independence and freedom to all. Journey is to be enjoyed, but we neither enjoy, nor learn to enjoy, nor allow other to enjoy, or we enjoy at the others.

Life is "As you sow, so shall you reap".

For mental health, meditation is the answer that keeps mind alert and peaceful. Mind is the soil for healthy living and to keep it fertile, silence is the first and the golden step. Plant the seeds of positive thoughts in mind. this will cultivate healthy body. Humming is like watering this fertile mind. It generates magnetic vibration all over the body, Preventing and curing blood clots, stones, etc

  • Get up before sunrise.
  • Stretch to flex muscle and lubricate the joint.
  • Brisk walk (approx 150 minutes per week).
  • Drink lots of water (80% body is water).
  • Water flushes out toxins. Help in digestion & maintain body temperature (air-conditioning).
  • Eat only when hungry & not when angry.
  • Eat small quantity at a time with regular intervals.
  • Water should not be drank during meals but in between the meals.
  • One should practice-fasting-like auditing body requirement & thus maintain the balance sheet.
  • Balanced Diet - (preferably vegetarian, lot of fruits & vegetables, minimum oil - any vegetable, except coconut oil & sweet and quantity of food intake to maintain the ideal body weight.
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of tobacco related products.
  • If one is not taking alcohol, not to start habit. however, if one is comfortable with small drink (upto 45-60 ml), then no harm is continuing the same.
  • Mental relaxation, simple breathing exercise.
  • Proper control of medical illness related to heart, diabetes, high BP and cholesterol.
  • May we all work together in peace and harmony, and enjoy the fruits of efforts by sharing with others. May we not be jealous of other achievements. May peace prevail on earth.