Health is a state of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of an individual. Healthy living consists of looking after these 4 components of health.

Absence of physical problems is concerned as good health, by majority of us and we take our health for granted until it is threatened and then consider it as a permanent state. However it is not so. Because of various reasons, health of an individual is deteriorating day by day and it is going to be still worse in the days to come, and that too at an alarming speed and proportions. Surprisingly, younger generation is the target for various illness related to heart, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes leading to sufferings and death.

Shockingly, these illnesses are silent, strikes suddenly and often at the most productive age of an individual, crippling the entire family.

Also the cost of the treatment of these illnesses, particularly of the complications, is such that most of the people in the society can not afford and is prohibitively very high. More aggressive treatment also has its own limitations and uncertainly and in addition one needs secondary preventive measures, even after these aggressive treatment modalities.

When we look into the reasons of these illnesses, the following risk factors have been implicated -

  • Improper Diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Faulty habits like Smoking, Tobacco Consumption, Alcohol
  • Stress (life style)
  • Fear and lack of awareness of illness like heart, high BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol
  • Improper Medicines
  • Improper control of these illness like heart, high BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc.
  • Socio Economic Factors
  • Genetic predisposition.

Interestingly, except for genetic predisposition, all the other risk factors can be prevented, treated, cured and modified easily by -

  • Simple methods
  • By One and All
  • People of all walks of life
  • With Minimum expenditure
  • Without compromising day to day work schedule
  • Without too much of glamour
  • Within the means of an individual
At center of healthy living -

Our Objective

The objective is integrated scientific human approach to prevent, treat and cure illness, before it goes out of human control, by promoting small, simple changes in the way we live.

Our Philosophy

Live an "Active life - feel better, look better and work better, and without human sufferings".

Our Principles

Simplicity, truth, service to humanity and total human care.

Our Dream

Trouble free health for all.

To fulfill our objectives, philosophy, and principles and dream this center will offer, professional services and simple packages, at very reasonable cost to accommodate each and every individual. Consultation, pathological routine tests, and special tests will be done at concessional rates. Lectures/Workshops/Demonstrations will also be at concessional rates.