Late Dr. K Ramamurthy (M.D.)

Eminent Physician

A Father Figure in Medicine with over 40 yrs of practice is not only a skilled doctor but also a great human being. He is an eminent physician, an excellent teacher and highly supportive personality. He is highly respectable in the field of medicine and is closely associated with Dr Sadanand as not only his teacher but also his guide. He is an off media personality.

Dr. Ramdas Pai (M.D.)

President Manipal Enterprises

Manipal's Education & Healthcare institutions were founded by late Dr. TMA Pai in 1953. Dr. Ramdas M Pai took over the leadership from his father in 1983. His contribution has made significant social impact improving Education & Healthcare indices of coastal Karnataka. Manipal, has come to be known as a university town where students from 37 countries study, to meet their aspiration for global professional careers.

Shri Govind Nihalani

( Film Maker)

Govind Nihalani began his career as a cinematographer, after graduating in cinematography from Shree Jaya Chamrajendra polytechnic, Banglore, 1962. The first feature film photographed and co-produced by him was "Shantata! Court Chalu Ahe" (Silence! The Court is in Session). Then followed the highly rewarding association with director Shyam Benegal, for whom he photographed several documentaries (including a feature length documentary on Satyajit Ray) and ten feature films including "Junoon", for which Nihalani received a National Award for Best Color Cinematography in 1979.

Shri Manmohan Shetty

(Walk Water)

Manmohan Shetty is the Invisible Man of Bollywood. A media-shy personality, he has been associated with some of the finest films in Indian cinema. He is man who wears many hats. As a businessman he owns Adlabs, one of the country's leading film processing companies. As a producer he has produced the National Award winning Akrosh, and Chakra. He has been associated with many projects including Kundan Shah's Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa which launched Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood and John Mathew Mathan's Sarfarosh. Shetty is the promoter of IMAX dome theatre in India.

Shri Vinod Advani


Mr. Vinod Advani is a well known journalist and columnist for India's most well known publications including the Times of India, the Hindu , Verve and Mans World. His topics of interest include travel , food , wine, health, music and the arts. He is the longest serving Radio jockey on the FM radio, with a ten year old show. Vinod travels often to wine producing countries as an invited judge-participant. He is great believer in integrated medicine and holistic healing.

Dr. Harish Shetty (M.D.)


Dr Harish Shetty is a practicing Psychiatrist with a post graduate degree in Psychological Medicine and a post graduate diploma in Comparative mythology from Bombay University. Dr Shetty has immense experience in the field of Disaster and Mental health. Dr Harish Shetty is a Visiting Faculty member at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences . Dr Shetty has also been identified as one of the 17 young mental health workers by the World Health Organization. He has also founded " Maitri" an organization that works with families affected by mental illness and has been instrumental in training a large number of medical personnel in the field of mental health.

Dr. Ramesh Kenkre M.S.

DORL Medical Administrator

An eminent administrator professionally associated with Lion Tarachand Bapa Hospital Sion (e). He is a proficient ENT Surgeon. He practices and preaches Art of Living. An active Lions Club portfolio Member and has been. associated with Dr Sadanand as a friend and fellow colleague.